Roberto Rivadeneira / URKU (1991) is an illustrator and visual artist who grew up in Quito Ecuador, and currently works in Berlin - Germany. Predominantly focussing on illustration and mural painting, the works range from small pieces to larger mural formats. His work is deeply influenced by contemporary culture, and everyday observations between different cities and societies. Rather than a statement, Urku's work is an open invitation to interact with the space and atmosphere. 





2018 - Colour Dialects. Volume Gallery / BERLIN - GER

2018 - Visual sounds. Voodoo55 / BERLIN - GER

2017 - Wheel to Whall. Neurotitan Gallery / BERLIN - GER

2017 - The HAUS /  BERLIN - GER

2015 - A study on power. 6YL Magazine, Juddy Roller/ Melbourne - AUS